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Overlord of Insects Warna
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2024
Author 三木森工作室 咚咚小红帽 [Add, ]飞卢小说网 [Add, ]
Artist 刘义可 逃跑的团子 [Add, ]
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Overlord of Insects

全民:我虫族主宰,玩的就是天灾, 我,虫族主宰, 虫族主宰,我玩的就是天灾

Sinopsis Overlord of Insects

Overlord of Insects – Having been transported into a world where everyone is a Job-Changer, Jiang Chen awakened the Insect Domination System! The little insects can evolve, attack, and extract talents! Most importantly, they can breed invincible natural disasters!


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